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P. Fanatics: No Bustas

Sunday, September 11
Cole’s Bar
2338 N. Milwaukee

Featured Readers:

Dan Shapiro
Keith Ecker
Ian Belknap
Stephanie Lane Sutton
Emily Rose
Samantha Irby
The Crusty Cunt
and hosted by Mason Johnson

What’s a busta? Are you serious? Here’s one example:


With that said, bustas come in all shapes and sizes. They need not only fit Lisa Left Eye Lopez’s definition of a scrub, but can run the gamut of busta-ness.

Here are some bustas that ain’t allowed:

Chris Brown
Drew Carey
New York
Harold Ray
John Wayne Gacy
Vietnam War
Air Bud
The woman at the corner store who still IDs me.

And yeah, I’m aware there’s a bajillion other readings this night. Honestly, I don’t even care if you skip out on this, as long as you go to a different reading. Anyone who stays in, or does something non-reading oriented with their time, will get eviscerated by Dan Shapiro though.

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